Water treatment-related services

As a company manager you of course want to lose as little sleep as possible over your industrial water treatment. Like it or not, though, it is still an important aspect of your business. Your production process and your product deserve your full attention, but water treatment must not be pushed to the background either. Sustainable water treatment brings benefits, both economic and ecological.

'Water treatment' is not your company's core business, but it is ours at Aquaplus. So place your trust in Aquaplus as a reliable, sustainable partner for handling your water treatment from A to Z. We assist you from design through construction and on to maintenance and optimization.

All-in or specific service?

Scenario analysis

Before moving to the design stage, we strongly advise that you identify all options and cost-saving opportunities. Which techniques best match your production process? Which direction will your company take in the future? How can you save costs and still guarantee 100% safety? We answer these type of questions in a customized scenario analysis. Our team thinks along with you to line up the most appropriate, innovative and budget-friendly options.
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Designing your treatment plant

You need a new treatment plant, or want to replace part of your existing one? After discussing your company's needs, we convert your wishes into a conceptual design. Once we have agreed on this, we then proceed to a detailed design. Costs are not the only parameter. Our design also includes, for example, the impact on maintenance, lifespan and any subsequent optimisations. The end result is sustainable water treatment.
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Specifications writing

Will you shortly have a complex project in which water treatment plays an important role? To be able to correctly compare the different offers from all suppliers, the project description must be crystal clear. But how do you translate your company's needs into clear specifications?
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Project management

A building site on your company premises? Outsource the project management concerns to us. Our engineers supervise the works from start to finish, as if it were our own site. They are familiar with every facet of site monitoring, from preparation, site monitoring and inspection of contractors, to safety coordination, project management and budget control. This way you are certain of a well-functioning, sustainable treatment plant. And of sparing yourself the accompanying headaches!
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Building or renovating a water treatment plant is a complex business, combining various expert fields like architecture, electrical engineering and automation. Through its parent company Aquafin, Aquaplus is able to tap into a huge well of experience.
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Where your company water treatment plant is built or renovated by Aquaplus, we can also help with financing. You opt for short or long term financing. This way you spread out the investment costs and free up your budget to invest in your company's core business.
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Management and maintenance

Once operational, your water treatment plant needs maintenance, operational management and any optimisations. Here again, Aquaplus can help. Either all-in or via partial assignments. Here too, flexibility is the key word.
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Audit and optimisation

Een installatie veroudert, normen verstrengen, technologie├źn evolueren, de kosten van waterzuivering stijgen. Een zuiveringsinstallatie vereist regelmatige doorlichting en optimalisatie. Ook voor zulke audits kan u een beroep doen op Aquaplus. We vermijden theoretische of academische beschouwingen. De problemen die zich vandaag voordoen met uw waterzuivering, pakken we pragmatisch aan.
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Aquaplus has experience of designing and building both small and large treatment plants that operate using the most diverse processes. For renovation assignments too, you are in good hands with us.

All-in or specific service?

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