Challenges and solutions

Aquaplus, subsidiary of the Flemish water treatment company Aquafin, offers tailor-made solutions for all stages of the water treatment cycle.

Challenges in the industrial sector

How to save on the operating costs of waste water treatment?

Industrial water treatment is a complex matter. Without sufficient insight into the interrelationship of the various elements, savings on one item can have undesirable effects elsewhere.
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How do we continue to meet the evolving standards for effluent quality?

As an all-in service provider we have all relevant profiles under one roof: environmental coordinators, process technologists, safety coordinators, project engineers, operational managers, ... With this combined expertise, we assess every project quickly and accurately and with the necessary attention. Every company and every environmental permit is unique, resulting in a large variety of imposed or desired sets of effluent standards to achieve.
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How do you guarantee operational reliability and avoid emergency discharges?

As the owner of a water purification plant, operational reliability is one of the most important risks that you want to control, cover or outsource. Quantitative and qualitative problems can arise if the installation receives insufficient attention.
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How do you guarantee innovation and sustainability?

Industrial waste water and sludge are no longer just waste or residual products. Heat and raw materials are increasingly being recovered. Water treatment and sludge processing also continue to evolve.
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How does a water treatment plant need to evolve as production grows?

Is production at your company on the rise? Excellent, but make sure your water treatment evolves in step. Aquaplus thinks with you and makes sure your treatment plant is ready for tomorrow's growth.
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