Building a treatment plan

Building or renovating a water treatment plant is a complex business, combining various expert fields like architecture, electrical engineering and automation. Through its parent company Aquafin, Aquaplus is able to tap into a huge well of experience.

Safety first

We put safety first, before, during and after the construction process. Not only for our employees and construction partners, but also for yourself and your employees. We guarantee a sustainable water treatment installation and safe equipment.

An experienced project manager ensures smooth supervision and transparent communication throughout the building work.

ISO 55001

Our methodology for building treatment plants and pumping stations and for sewer laying is ISO certified. We are, in other words, competent to manage your project from A to Z:

  • recommendations and procedures for the basic and detailed design stages
  • standard specifications for construction, mechanical engineering and electrical works
  • standard material purchasing linked to a cost price database
  • Standard diagrams with, for example, electrical diagrams, materials prices, process control and reporting software.

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