Scenario analysis

Before moving to the design stage, we strongly advise that you identify all options and cost-saving opportunities. Which techniques best match your production process? Which direction will your company take in the future? How can you save costs and still guarantee 100% safety?

We answer these type of questions in a customized scenario analysis. Our team thinks along with you to line up the most appropriate, innovative and budget-friendly options.

Each case is unique

When transporting, treating or reusing industrial waste water, there are no standard solutions. The preconditions differ from one case to another: the composition and variations of the waste water flow, the type and condition of the existing infrastructure, the standards imposed in the environmental permit, the wishes and needs of your company, the expected evolution in your production, the characteristics of the terrain, and more besides.

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Multiple scenarios for a conscious choice

In a scenario analysis we examine which solutions are feasible for a specific problem. We define two or more scenarios, develop them conceptually or in a raw design and compare them with each other.

This comparison is based on one or more criteria that we agree in advance: total cost of ownership, quality of the solution, implications for maintenance, speed of implementation, expected environmental benefits, sustainability.

Depending on your preferred scenario, the solution can then be worked out in detail, designed and executed on site by us.

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