What makes Aquaplus unique?

At Aquaplus we give our all. We guarantee an open and efficient collaboration and guarantee your company a quality water treatment plant and hassle-free management.

Sustainable, safe and specially designed

Aquaplus is committed to a sustainable partnership. With a view to this, we ask some crucial questions at the start:

  • Who is our client? What is the product?
  • What is your future vision?
  • How large is the volume of waste water?
  • What is working well? What are the quick wins?

Experience and expertise

Aquaplus is the only service provider in Flanders which builds, maintains and optimises the more than 300 water treatment plants for treating domestic and industrial waste water. We build on more than 25 years of practical experience of waste water treatment.


Aquaplus is the only service provider in Flanders with ISO 55001 certification for Asset Management in waste water treatment infrastructure.


Aquaplus is the only service provider in Flanders which can guarantee 10-year continuity via a long-term agreement between Aquafin and the Flemish Region.

Critical mass of in-house specialists

Aquaplus is the only service provider in Flanders where more than 1,000 employees work exclusively every day on developing, financing, managing and optimising water treatment plants. At all times, we can call upon our own specialists: technical staff, maintenance engineers, process technologists,safety coordinators, environmental coordinators, laboratory technicians, researchers, study managers, etc.

Price and guarantees

Aquaplus always strives to be the most cost-effective service provider at the level of quality and guarantees we offer.


Aquaplus is the service provider for whom transparency isn’t just an empty concept. We’re open with you about the real cost and unit price of sludge treatment and chemicals. We avoid variable costs (sludge, chemicals, energy tax) due to non-transparent prices (e.g. expressed in €/m3). So you always know what you get for what price.