How to save on the operating costs of waste water treatment?

Industrial water treatment is a complex matter. Without sufficient insight into the interrelationship of the various elements, savings on one item can have undesirable effects elsewhere.

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Optimizing sludge costs

To inspire you, we outline the methodology we used to optimize the sludge costs of an industrial client. We examined the separation efficiency of the sludge dewatering centrifuge and the dry matter content of the dewatered sludge at various polymer dosages.

In practice

The sum of all sludge costs (electricity consumption of the centrifuge + chemicals + sludge transport + sludge processing ) is lowest at a certain range of PE dosing. This 'sweet spot' is the ideal operating area for sludge dewatering.

This is just one example of how certain process interventions impact different cost items and operating results. For more complex water purification processes we turn to modelling, using computer simulations to examine the effect of certain measures on all aspects of industrial water treatment, including effluent quality, energy consumption, sludge costs and chemical costs.

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