Our projects speak for themselves

Janssen Pharmaceutica

A good knowledge of its existing treatment plants and a clear picture of how it wanted to manage them, these Janssen Pharmaceutica already had. But how to fit the installation in Beerse into this picture was anything but clear. "After a selection procedure, we chose Aquaplus to undertake an optimization study", project leader Ivo Bogaerts of Janssen Pharmaceutica explained to us.

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Optimizing waste water treatment in Beerse also has a payback effect, with savings on personnel, maintenance, energy, chemicals and other operating costs.

Frank Peeters, Janssens Pharmaceutica

Total Belgium

Total Belgium wanted to optimize the water treatment plants at its Belgian motorway service stations. Part of the existing infrastructure was badly outdated.

Today, Aquaplus manages 27 waste water treatment plants for Total Belgium along all major Belgian motorways. 10 out of these 27 it built new, and another 13 it renovated.

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The Total projects illustrate perfectly how we distinguish ourselves from other players in the market.

Sabine Schellens, manager Aquaplus

Colruyt Group & Barry Callebaut

With Colruyt Group and Barry Callebaut, we have introduced a special cooperation model in which the realized financial benefits accrue not just to Aquaplus as the operator, but are divided between the three parties.

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Saving costs and improving the quality of the treated waste water at the same time is a pretty smart performance.

Vic De Meester, environmental coordinator at Colruyt Group

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