Aquafin, a specialist in every aspect of the water treatment cycle

With Aquafin, Aquaplus has a stable and reputable parent company behind it. The Flemish Region set up Aquafin in 1990 to develop, exploit and finance the waste water treatment infrastructure on Flemish soil. Aquafin currently has EUR 1.3 billion of projects in hand for the Flemish Region and manages 300 waste water treatment plants and almost 6,000 km of pipes across Flanders. The company has a 20-year rolling management agreement with the Flemish Region.


Aquaplus is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aquafin that focuses on services to industry. It offers the full range of waste water treatment expertise that its parent company has built up over the years, in the form of customized solutions for the business market.

Strong partner for supra-local and local policymakers

Aquafin is active literally right across Flanders, from the coast to deep into Limburg. Not from one central control tower but with local experts who know their area through and through. As river water does not recognize municipal boundaries, extensive interaction exists between local and supra-local waste water infrastructures. For this reason we maintain close contact with all parties involved, including local authorities and watercourse and sewer managers. With their input and expertise, we put the Water Framework Directive for Flanders into practice and develop rainwater solutions that transcend local boundaries. Along with our strength in planning and execution, we also finance the planned works inexpensively, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the policy.


Provider of treated water for industry

Rinsing of tanks or pipes, cooling and other tasks can be done with treated waste water from Aquafin without further treatment. To use treated waste water as process water, further treatment is required, depending on the precise purpose. Without additional treatment, treated waste water from Aquafin is not suitable for human consumption.

With additional treatment, it can be upgraded to any desired quality, even up to and including drinking water.

Companies across Flanders can contract with Aquafin for this alternative source of water.

Contributing to a circular economy

The scarcity of raw materials and the persistent search for renewable energy are undoubtedly the greatest challenges of the 21st century. The heat contained in waste water and the raw materials left behind in it make a sewage treatment plant a potential recycling plant. Aquafin is a partner in European research projects that are testing technologies for recovering raw materials and energy from the water treatment process.

Valued research partner

For Aquafin, research and innovation are the key to meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow. Our accumulated knowledge and large-scale testing facilities make us a valued national and international partner for research projects in the water sector. Cooperation with the academic world and various research institutions is an added plus for expanding our know-how. All this forms the basis for developing solutions to the challenges facing governments and society.

Emergency connections

In certain cases, companies having their own treatment plants that discharge their effluent into surface water are required by their environmental permits to contract with Aquafin for emergency connections to the sewer system. This prevents untreated or partially treated waste water being discharged to streams or river in the event of problems with the company's water treatment. The water is then collected and handled by an Aquafin treatment plant.

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