Sludge drying

In a sludge drying installation we dry sludge from water treatment plants. The dried sludge can then serve as a secondary fuel.

The sludge can be dried at low temperature with locally available residual heat. In this way, energy can be transported via dried sludge and put to use in a high temperature setting.

20 years' expertise in sludge drying

Aquaplus has over 20 years' experience of sludge drying. This accumulated expertise has already been used for the start-up and troubleshooting of sludge dryers at home and abroad.

Related services

Aquaplus offers troubleshooting and operational support in day-to-day operations. We provide technical support for major maintenance operations and shutdowns. You can also count on us for preparing an asset management plan.

Looking for strategic support in developing KPIs and producing business plans? Here again, Aquaplus can help. We also develop training plans and train the dryer staff.

Zoekt u strategische ondersteuning bij het uitwerken van KPI’s en de opmaak van business plannen? Ook daarvoor kan u bij Aquaplus terecht. Verder werken we opleidingsplannen uit en geven trainingen voor de drogermedewerkers.

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