Industrial water treatment

Solid expertise in designing, building, financing and maintaining industrial water treatment plants is now in great demand. Aquaplus is a reliable and experienced partner capable of supporting industries in all of these areas.

All aspects of water treatment

Sustainable waste water treatment

Industrial water treatment is not only necessary for legal reasons. Thanks to the many economic and ecological benefits, it pays to make your production process as sustainable as possible. You can rely on our experts’ knowhow of every aspect of treating industrial waste water.

You can count on Aquaplus for an all-in service for your waste water treatment plants and processes.

Wouter De Wilde, accountmanager Aquaplus
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Waste water treatment plants for industries

Domestic and industrial waste water seem similar. But they differ in many respects. For this reason, we don’t just derive our knowhow of research and technology from Aquafin, our parent company specialising in the treatment of domestic waste water. Over the years, we have developed considerable expertise of our own in treating industrial waste water. So that Aquaplus can offer you a unique mix of expertise.

Save through sustainable water treatment

An All-in service for water treatment management. We can do it!

Aquaplus guarantees a sustainable approach to all aspects of waste water treatment. You can rely on our expertise for:

  • A detailed audit
  • A well-thought-out design
  • Construction of a new treatment plant or renovation of an existing one
  • Financing of waste water treatment plants
  • Safe, sustainable and reliable maintenance



Contact Aquaplus to discuss your requirements without obligation

Is your existing water treatment plant not operating properly? Or have you increased your production capacity and your plant is no longer coping with the inflows or pollution load? Is the cost of energy, sludge treatment, chemicals, effluent tax, maintenance, etc. getting too high?

Contact Aquaplus! We’ll help you deal with it.

There is no standard solution for industrial water treatment. We design everything specially for each client.

Wouter De Wilde, accountmanager Aquaplus
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