Anaerobic / UASB

In anaerobic treatment, special groups of microorganisms convert organic material into biogas (in particular methane and carbon dioxide), which can be used for electricity and heat production. This biogas can be converted into heat and green electricity via a combined heat and power (CHP - also referred to as 'cogeneration') system . Also much less sludge is produced than with aerobic treatment.

Anaƫrobie / UASB


An anaerobic treatment system can consist of a pre-acidification reactor , an anaerobic reactor (fully mixed, UASB), gas storage, a CHP, and heat exchangers.

Optimizing anaerobic degradation processes

Parent company Aquafin has already extensively tested pre-treatment technologies - ultrasonic treatment and electroporation - that improve degradation and biogas production, or reduce foam production and improve the dewatering capacities of the sludge.

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